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Car Servicing

Regular car servicing is one of the simplest and most effective ways to ensure that you get consistent reliability for your car. A good service history can also help maintain your car’s resale value and reduce running costs by making sure that your engine is running smoothly and preventing future damage..

At JJ's AutoCare we provide the following services:

Bronze Service  

For well-maintained and low-mileage vehicles.

This service covers 31 checks including an oil and filter change and a general health check of the main components on your car.

Silver Service  

Every 12,000 miles a comprehensive service with 49 checks should be undertaken. It includes the replacement of engine oil, oil filter, air filter and more as well as  an extensive range of checks to ensure optimum running of your vehicle.

Gold Service  

Every 24,000 miles a comprehensive service should be done, which will be covering everything included in the Silver Service and also items that are regularly recommended for replacement every 2 years.

The above descriptions are only recommendations based on general circumstances. On receiving your vehicle in the workshop we may advise you that a variation on your selected service is necessary. If you are unsure that you have selected the correct service we will advise you to speak to one of our trustworthy mechanics prior to your booking.

Manufacturer's Service

If your vehicle is still covered by the manufacturer’s warranty we would recommend that you have it serviced in line with the manufacturer’s specified service.

Provided your vehicle is serviced and maintained in accordance with the vehicle manufacturer’s instructions during the manufacturer’s warranty period, you have the right to have the work undertaken by an independent garage without affecting your warranty. We will ensure that your vehicle is serviced in accordance with their instructions.

All replacement parts of the same quality as the original are used, this means your manufacturer’s warranty will not be affected.

If your vehicle is still within the manufacturer's warranty period then please check that the service chosen meets the manufacturer's service schedule.

If you would like to book in for a service as specified by the vehicle manufacturer please advise when calling so you can get the correct quotation.

For your peace of mind, We would like to advise you that we do use most of the up-to-date technology and equipment when carrying out our work at JJ's AutoCare. 

We can service most makes and models.

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